Who We Are

The leadership team of RCG is focused intently on increasing efficiency and simplicity within operating systems, thereby creating a scalable organization while being a street-savvy innovator with our sourcing strategies.


Daryl brings 28 years of successful entrepreneurial experience to the leadership team at Rockford Capital Group (RCG).  He leads Heller Capital Group and in turn provides leadership to RCG as a portfolio company of Heller Capital Group. He specializes in M&A, deal-making, integrative negotiation, and strategy, and he’s most fulfilled in pursuit of win-win outcomes.  Fittingly, Daryl is, in his own words, “evangelistic” about finding and maintaining balance in his professional and personal life, and that absolute accountability – to himself, to his family, to his work, to his teams, to his community, and to the world – is the foundation of Daryl’s leadership philosophy.

With an ever-growing list of professional accolades and accomplishments, Daryl never forgets his roots.  A Pennsylvania native who co-founded his first company at a picnic table, Daryl continues to give back, remaining committed to community engagement and leadership, as well as conscientiously mentoring aspiring leaders in the area.  Daryl is also an avid sports fan “of everything Philly” and a committed amateur triathlete, and his drive for holistic wellness is in perfect alignment with his demand for continuous improvement in himself, his companies, and the people around him.

As a man of many passions, Daryl holds two above the rest: his family and his tireless work for Horizon Initiative, an organization he co-founded with a core purpose of empowering the underprivileged to self-sustainability in Africa and Latin America.  Daryl’s humanity and humanitarianism are both at the core of who he is and what he does, and he views his wholehearted investments in Horizon and his family as the true cultivation of his legacy. Like everyone at RCG, Daryl is clearly committed to continuous improvement, innovation, and expansion as an engaged member of society and in his role at Rockford Capital Group, and he remains passionate about leaving the parts of the world he encounters better than he found them.



For over 20 years, Ben Riehl has been immersed in growing his real estate empire.  With hard-earned expertise in construction, rehabilitation, large-scale development, management, and investment, Ben brings an integrated perspective to the RCG leadership team with deep knowledge in each vertical.  A serial entrepreneur with both formal and experiential training, he knows how to create, sustain, and grow value with specialties in optimizing rental property cash flow and managing real estate investment portfolios. 

In his personal life, Ben’s values hold true.  Being an available Dad to his 3 boys and setting a good example to them is his top priority. He also has a heart for helping others through charities and volunteer work. In 2006 he coordinated one of his construction crews in building a house for free in 1 week for someone who had lost theirs during Hurricane Katrina. He has served as a volunteer firefighter, winning the local Fireman Tug o’ War contest two years in a row; he has been involved in Toastmasters International earning awards there, he is also very dedicated to healthy eating and fitness and is setting his sights on some obstacle course marathons.  

Like everyone at RCG, Ben is committed to continuous improvement, innovation, and expansion as an engaged member of society and in his role at RCG, and he remains passionate about leaving every property, community, and city better than he found it. 



Amos brings over 20 years of business and entrepreneurial experience to the RCG leadership team.  He was introduced to construction in high school, working for his father out in the field during summer breaks, and he proved his entrepreneurial mettle at age 19, starting his first company – a manufacturing hardware inventory management firm – which he sold within two years of its launch.  This sale enabled Amos to purchase his first multi-unit apartment building and sparked his appetite for real estate investment. Having proven his ability to drive rapid growth and expansion, Amos was hired to help build a direct-to-consumer internet company, eventually leading the sale of the firm to a manufacturer in Chicago, who asked him to stay on to lead expansion and negotiations with every big box retailer in the space.  

After concluding his contract, Amos founded a consultancy that offered research and analysis for private equity groups in New York, as well as several regional banks.  During his leadership of the firm, Amos continued to focus on his passion of investing in the growth of his real estate portfolio that he’d been nurturing over the previous decade.  Ultimately, he merged his expertise in research, analytics, growth, real estate, private equity, and business development when he co-founded RCG with Mr. Heller and Mr. Riehl in 2017.  Amos currently serves in an advisory role for RCG.

In his private life, Amos is just as passionate, committed, and driven as he is in the office.  A dyed-in-the-wool humanitarian, Amos is dedicated to improving the lives of those less fortunate with a “huge soft spot for orphaned children”.  He is a doting husband and father and his family provides inspiration to everything he does.   

Like everyone at RCG, Amos continues to prove that he is wholly committed to continuous improvement, innovation, and expansion as an engaged member of society and in his role at RCG, and he remains passionate about leaving every property, community, and city better than he found it.